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termtube guy in crawl

Need termite treatment for sale of home

People who are selling their home will generally have a termite inspection after going under contract. Buyers have 10 business days to get a termite inspection (wdi certification) or wood destroying insect inspection to provide to their lender.

If the inspector finds any evidence of termites including old tunnels, damage even treatment holes they may call for a treatment. If the home has been previously treated for termites and is under warranty you can provide that information to the inspector and he should certify it.

If there is no paperwork to substantiate the treatment or warranty you will probably have to have the home retreated unless the buyer is paying cash for your home.

If you find yourself in need of a treatment call Eastern at 800-229-3472. We service all of New Jersey or visit us on the web at

termtube guy in crawl

My home was treated with chlordane do I need another treatment today.


Chlordane is a chlorinated hydrocarbon that was used widely for termite control under name of Velsicol. It worked very well. Re treats were almost non existant. Unfortunitely, it worked to well and was removed from the market in 1986. The product would last around 30 years in the soil. That means that many homes protected by the termiticide are now subject to reinfestation. If you see active termites, swarmers and mud tunnels you will need another treatment. Today Termidor is the very best product to eliminate the colony.    800-229-3472

Ants are active in the cold weather.


The cold weather has forced many insects inside. In an effort to escape the freezing temperatures, snow covered ground many insects are efforting the cause to enter your home.

You may experience ants in the kitchen. Make sure all your grains and cerials are placed in containers or plastic zip lock bags. This will keep ants out and your food stuffs safe.

Call Eastern Termite and Pest Control to solve your ant problems.  800-229-3472


NJ, cold weather and termite swarmers

We received a call today (Feb 18, 2014)from a customer that said he had termite swarmers. We sent a tech out to Lawrenceville and confirmed he had indeed termite swarmers. I thought no way at first until I asked him if he had a slab type home. He confirmed that he did. Slab homes with radiant heat can fool termite swarmers into thinking its warm out, then they swarm. So NJ residents beware. Termites can swarm in the winter.


What should I expect to pay for a termite treatment?

In general termite treatment costs vary according to the size of the home.

The very best chemical to treat with is Termidor.  There is nothing that gets rid of

termites better than Termidor. We at Eastern have been treating homes with Termidor for over 10 years.

We also have specials that are advertised on google that can save you money on treatments.

visit us at  800-229-3472


Will the snow keep the bugs down in the Spring?


It seems there is a concern amoung pest control companies that the frigid temperatures will have an effect on the coming season.

The concern is valid. The cold temperatures can kill egg larvae and insects that overwinter in bark, mulch, debris etc.

For pest control companies we may have  to adapt to a slower than normal season.

Termites may not be effected as they can remain safe under the frost line along with certain ants. 800-229-3472


Roaches in my kitchen

If you have roaches in your kitchen then you most likely will need an exterminator. It is important to empty all the cabinets so the technician has complete access. Put all cereals and grains in sealed containers.

The technician will then have access to provide crack and crevice, bait, and monitors to all the areas of infestation.

Expect to have a regular service for 3-5 months depending on the infestation before they are completly eradicated.  800-229-3472


Termites are on the way!


As soon as the weather breaks a bit we will begin to see termites swarming. The swarmers always come out first in homes built on slabs. This is because these homes do not have a basement and are often warmer.

 Termites colonies in homes are usually formed in soil. Within the soil, termites build long sophisticated tunnel systems and mud tunnels through which they access above-ground  wood products.

When there are sufficient workers, winged termites can be seen around windows and doors. These are highly attracted to sources of light and are most active in April and May. They mate, then find a new breeding site and create another colony, spreading infestations into different sections of the home or neighborhood.