termtube guy in crawl

Need termite treatment for sale of home

People who are selling their home will generally have a termite inspection after going under contract. Buyers have 10 business days to get a termite inspection (wdi certification) or wood destroying insect inspection to provide to their lender.

If the inspector finds any evidence of termites including old tunnels, damage even treatment holes they may call for a treatment. If the home has been previously treated for termites and is under warranty you can provide that information to the inspector and he should certify it.

If there is no paperwork to substantiate the treatment or warranty you will probably have to have the home retreated unless the buyer is paying cash for your home.

If you find yourself in need of a treatment call Eastern at 800-229-3472. We service all of New Jersey or visit us on the web at www.easterntermitecontrol.com