New Jersey Termite Swarmers: Why Spring?

After a long, cold winter people aren’t the only ones who are ready for Spring! Termite swarmers typically emerge from their larger colonies between the months of March and June.

After a termite colony reaches a certain size, members of the colonies branch out to expand. The warmer weather and wet environments of spring lures the termites away from the group and encourages them to reproduce. The result is what we call swarmers, winged termites who fly out to seek a mate, fall onto the soil, shed their wings, then attempt to start a brand new colony in the conducive spring weather.

While most new colonies do not take, swarmers do indicate that an active termite colony is close by. If the spring weather brings swarmers to your home, call Eastern Termite for an assessment.

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crawl space vapor barrier 5

How thick is a good vapor barrier?

As a termite inspector in NJ I look for moisture problems that can set up conditions that  might make a termite infestation likely.

In Princeton, NJ I found this home that had a serious problem of mold forming. We were hired to come in and seal off the crawl space with a six mil polyethelyne vapor barrier. We sealed it against the foundation wall and installed rigid foam insulation around the perimeter.

This provided complete coverage against moisture.

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termite damage 007

Termite Damage to hardwood flooring

On a recent  termite inspection in Cherry Hill NJ I found major termite damage to the flooring. The owner had tripped when walking over the damaged area.

Upon my arrival the damage continued to the basement. I found live termites in the box beam.

If you see termites or suspect them don’t wait. The repairs can be very expensive. Sometimes growing into the thousands of dollars.

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leak in attic

Leaks in the attic are an invitation for Carpenter Ants

On a recent inspection of an attic from a customer complaining about carpenter ants I discovered this unique solution to a roof leak. However, it did not keep the Carpenter ants from nesting in the soffits.

The carpenter ants were foraging all over the home. When we looked closer at the area where the leak was we discovered that there was damage due to moisture at the decking and eves due to a leak at the gutters.

When we opened the area a large carpenter ant colony was discovered. We treated the area, made the repairs and put the customer under a warranty.

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Rodents and your home

Most folks  do not realize that the winter time and cold weather bring rats and mice into the home seeking food and warmt. Entry points include a garage door that has a gap or a small hole at the side of your home that allows them to enter.

Call Eastern Pest for solutions

Rodents can contaminate food, put droppings in all areas of cabinets, silverware and stored products. It is important to get your home rodent proofed for the winter. Especially if you know that you experienced this problem in the past.

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Termite damage discovered at sale of home.

Termites almost always enter through a dirt filled porch or attached slab. The front entry serves as a great entry point for the termites to enter the home. The dirt fill comes right up to the sill plate and provides access to your framing members.

Before selling your home it is a good idea to have a termite and home inspection prior to listing in order to fix what is needed before the home goes on the market.


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